Yamaha Rhino Hard Top with lights and stereo

SKU: JSHTLS $900.00
The JStrong top allows customers many options when installing their favorite accessories, such as stereo, DVD, GPS etc. The interior was designed with stereo and speaker compartments integrated into the top. This top is truly as cutting edge as the Rhino it was designed to accessorize. It allows you to keep your favorite high dollar accessories high and dry. It comes complete with easy to install plug-n-play wiring harness. It has its own fuse box with 3 extra auxiliary hook-ups. This allows easy installation of lights, stereo or any other electronic component. The JStrong tops sleek design combines will with the sporty design of the Yamaha Rhino in conjunction with added protection from the weather. This accessory can easily be removed and then reinstalled.Installed Stereo:Stereo ---- JVC CD Changer (MP3) Control -- CD-R/CD-RW -- Front AUX Input -- 2 line output (2.5V) -- 20 W RMS X 4 (50W x 4 MAX) -- Rotary Encoder -- Ready for iPod -- SAT Radio Ready -- WMA tag -- MP3 tag.Speakers ---- 2-120 Watt 4" speakers -- 2-120 Watt 6" Speakers
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